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Building Your deck for VG and RG

Posted by lainasgalaxy on Sun Feb 3 21:42:47 2013
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Most of the top guilds that we have come across have vangaurd members whos attack level is 40,000 and higher. This means they are able to pack some big punches. Their reargaurds are lower because they use the lower mp cards to stack combos. with this being said im going to break down my deck for you all and how i got it higher thru sacrifice and evolving my cards.

lelonies Deck :
Lady Moonfire Lvl 25 ATK: 6518 DEF: 5390
Valkyrie Lvl 35 ATK 5919 DEF: 6019 Battle Maiden lvl 2
Venus Lvl 27 ATK: 4567 DEF: 5159
Fieros Lvl 31 ATK: 4335 DEF: 4335 Blaze Breath Lvl 3
Divne High Priestess Lvl 14 ATK: 3775 DEF: 4613
Arachne The Spinner Lvl 23 ATK: 4416 DEF: 4416
The Judgment Lvl 23 ATK: 3986 DEF: 3718
Zeus Lvl 21 ATK: 3568 DEF: 3618

ok so im going to build on this thru comments because im doing this post in my spare time. The cards that a vanguard wants to have in their deck are cards that not only have high attacks and defenses but cards that can also trigger awakenings. There are only two cards in my deck that do not awaken off from other cards and its my two lowest cards. I use these to help assist with combos and to deal some damage but not enough to drop the apposing guild to fast....

Having cards that awaken off each other is beneficial b/c it provides a harder hit when attacking thus earning the guild more mp points towards ranking

To understand how to actually build your deck ill break it down:
when i edit/build mine i make sure that my def and attack are close in number. This is important because this determines your HP. HP is important b/c you want to stay alive long enough to make some good hits :D.

MP cost is also a big factor to look at. You don't want to use cards that eat away your MP. I get around this by using Awakenings b/c it uses less mp and you get better damage.

If building a deck is to complex for you use the auto build deck and it will normally build the best deck for u but it does not pay attention to awakening combos.

when you get points for lvling up u can choose to put them as stamina or mp cost. It is highly recommended that VG have a higher mp level and RG a higher stamina lvl so you can quest more for mp.

my mp lvl is somewhere in the 160's and my stamina is around the 90's. with a higher mp rate I am able to fit higher costing mp cards in my deck which tend to be the rarer cards and the higher attack/ def. cards.