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Grimlocks cards - REVISED

Posted by GrimMastiff on 02/28/13 08:17 - Updated on 02/28/13 08:17
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OK, open season on the remaining cards; let me know what you want Again: DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS FORUM, Thanks you Here are the remaining cards: Evil Commander: R Blaze Assassin: R HSP-001: R Holy D...

Grimlocks cards - please do not respond here

Posted by GrimMastiff on 02/26/13 09:41
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Here is the deal with the distribution of Grim's cards. I first asked abut needs, and I have Fulfilled some of the specified needs mentioned by folk, as that is the first key.... Make sure cards go to...

Rearguard Strategy

Posted by Scouted_ on 02/05/13 13:27 - Updated on 02/05/13 13:27
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Sorry about the previous post, I had no idea comments hid original posts. o-O Top guilds have a super active Rearguard. Where Vanguards bring home the points, Rearguards provide them the means to do ...


Posted by lainasgalaxy on 02/04/13 17:33 - Updated on 02/04/13 17:33
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please when adding to post make a new thread.... even when commenting. it's impossible for the creator of the post to go back in an edit.... i now don't remember what cards i had in my deck and now i ...

Building Your deck for VG and RG

Posted by lainasgalaxy on 02/03/13 21:42
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Most of the top guilds that we have come across have vangaurd members whos attack level is 40,000 and higher. This means they are able to pack some big punches. Their reargaurds are lower because the...

Scouted's Card Swap Shop

Posted by Scouted_ on 02/04/13 13:36
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I'm gonna be listing spare cards I have no need for. Feel free to ask for something you like. The only thing I ask is to keep an eye out for something on my want list. :) HAVE: Wind: -Thor (R) x1 -S...

Deck of Many Things

Posted by GrimMastiff on 02/03/13 22:24 - Updated on 02/03/13 22:24
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Im posting my Rare and above cards so people can know what I have and what I'm looking for.... I encourage others to do the same Raging Fieros, level 44, Skill level 3 Fool Ascendant, level 29 Vine+...

Battle Loss, A Postmortem

Posted by GrimMastiff on 01/29/13 14:26 - Updated on 01/29/13 14:26
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This was a battle I missed, so I apologize for that, but it wouldn’t have made any difference….they out boxed us. We faced 16 guild members: 5 VAN, and 11 REAR. The correctly alternated attacks (...