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Posted by gimy678 on 06/18/13 08:37 - Updated on 06/18/13 08:37
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Hey guys im back! Sorry I went inactiver. I will be happy to help people get lvl 50. Thats all and if you need me ill be working on my ex rouge


    Posted by justblaze.c on 09/04/13 21:59 - Updated on 09/04/13 21:59
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    After weeks of inactivity, I'm back on and recruiting members to increase our name in the world of LC. If you or anyone you know want to join, then let us know in Discussions.

      we fight as one

      Posted by gimy678 on 02/10/13 08:59 - Updated on 02/10/13 08:59
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      we have and always will fight as one group!

        We are here for you :)

        Posted by illlojik on 01/17/13 03:10 - Updated on 01/17/13 03:10
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        We are always looking for new active members to join our ranks. If you or a friend or someone you know need a Guild to join, join ours :D we are very helpful towards others and have Guild Events regul...