public12Guild Leader: justblaze.cCreated: 01/16/13

    Level 100 Challenge

    Posted by on 09/07/13 19:20 Event Date: 09/06/13 21:00

    Do you think you have what it takes to reach level 100? Those that can accomplish such a feat shall have a Phoenix Ticket bestowed upon them. Happy Leveling. Your GM, ZEREF

    Guild Event

    Posted by on 03/02/13 18:12 Event Date: 03/02/13 13:00

    There will be a hide-and-seek Event after DT Prize: 2 PBI 150 EXPB


    Posted by on 02/09/13 21:33 - Updated on 02/09/13 21:36 Event Date: 02/11/13 08:00

    There will be a Guild Event on K6 after the 9:00 EST Dungeon Time, details will be posted in the Guild Notice