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Guild Events

Posted by on 09/04/13 22:00

Guild Events will resume once we have enough active members online


Posted by on 04/25/13 22:25

I have disbanded DarkSacrament and remade the good old RAVENxTAIL guild. So if anyone ever want to rejoin, let me know


Posted by on 04/09/13 20:50

After a series of unfortunate events and players...RxT is back up and running again, so get your friends and yourselves back in here >:D I'll be on a lot more starting from today, and I'm hoping to...

Anyone Needing Help

Posted by on 02/06/13 17:21

If anyone needs something and I'm not on, you can post in the Discussions section of the page to reach me

Recruting Members

Posted by on 01/16/13 05:15

I am recruiting members that are in RAVENxTAIL guild in Last chaos!!