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Lovers Of emos

Posted by awesomebain on 01/14/13 22:36

This life isn't easy, its hard.
Nothing really goes to plan does it? some things will happen and it might just be out of your control.
Life is nothing like a movie, although even i wish it was just so that life could be a bit easy and we wouldn't
have to deal with some unwelcoming things.
I've learnt in only my 15 years of being alive that there are some beautiful things in this world like friendship,
family and the love of your life.
There were some days where i was just be that little emo kid that self-harms just to know that I'm still alive,
i still had my family and my friends even though it felt like they werent really there for me.
I used to live in the land of make believe, that place inside my head that was always there even when i wasn't
sleeping, it would still be there and i would rather live in that world rather then the real one.
I hoped and prayed for a day where the darkness would come to an end, now i guess its paid off.
It will all pay off in the end even if your not the skinniest,best looking person it'll pay off, one day you will
get your share of happyness and sometimes you just have to go through the darkness to get to the lighter
side of this world.
I may be just a kid and you might think i don't have a clue what I'm talking about but i think i have an idea about
it, life wasnt easy for the first ten years but like i said it paid off.
My point is... don't give up on love/family or friendship, its not the end and don't take your own life it doesn't
fix anything it just brings hurt to the people that you love and that love you.
It might seem like its to much to handle but you just have to be strong, pull through it all and show no signs
of weakness what so ever.