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Favorite kpop band?? :3

Posted by Bunnies10 on 12/30/12 00:22
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Hiya guys!! Just wondering... what's your favorite kpop group?


    Posted by Skyllar26 on 10/28/14 06:11 - Updated on 10/28/14 06:11
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    Hi. I'm EXO's Fan. ^_^ Nice to meet chuu~ Be my friend. :))

      EXO's Luhan Wants Out

      Posted by Pandaxkawaii on 10/13/14 23:56 - Updated on 10/13/14 23:56
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      First it was Kris and now it's Luhan what a shocker. I guess SM entertainment sucks badly to the point this is the third occurrence of filing a lawsuit to get out of their contracts. I'm pretty sure h...


      Posted by Bunnies10 on 10/05/14 13:16 - Updated on 10/05/14 13:16
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      So guys, have you heard the news about Jessica from SNSD?? I FEEL DEVASTED OMG. What are your thoughts on the situation?I think it's really unfair ;A;

      RIP Go Eunbi of Ladies Code.

      Posted by MioNessu on 09/03/14 05:22 - Updated on 09/03/14 05:22
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      Just yesterday Ladies Code were on the highway and the car they were riding on slipped. Two of the members got major injuries,and EunBi and the driver died. Eunbi was really talented,nothing could rep...

      Kpop comebacks.

      Posted by MioNessu on 07/13/14 04:15 - Updated on 07/13/14 04:15
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      Are there any Kpop comebacks this year,or any upcoming ones that you're enjoying/anticipating for? For me,It's Nine Muses,as they're coming back in early August with a new member.


        Posted by Valkita on 07/31/14 22:20 - Updated on 07/31/14 22:20
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        Ty for sending the new JYJ m/v, luv it. Tho i was also thinking, are they the only 3 member k-pop boy band that is around right now? U usually see so many members ~ which is not a bad thing ~ ;) but w...


        Posted by MioNessu on 03/14/14 23:02 - Updated on 03/14/14 23:02
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        I just wanna know everyone's bias. For me honestly,it's Chen from EXO and EX-member Park Eunji of 9Muses.

          Favorite Solo Artist?

          Posted by Pandaxkawaii on 12/20/13 16:12 - Updated on 12/20/13 16:12
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          Hi, I was just wondering if you guys have a favorite solo artist or one that you really like listening to. I really like listening to songs by K.Will.

            We need to know !

            Posted by jolorichie123 on 06/13/14 23:52 - Updated on 06/13/14 23:52
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