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Hobbies, Interests, anything really!

Posted by llMiraiNikki
03/01/13 14:59

I'll go first then xD

From the top of my head, my hobbies right now are:
-Cardfight Vanguard (yes I play card games T AT [I'm so cool]).
-Eden Eternal
-Watching Anime/Reading Manga
-Working as many hours as I can at my part-time because my anime convention is right around the corner. (May 24th - May 26th) It's called Anime North if you guys want to check it out!! If by any chance that you're going to the exact same convention as I am, we should totally meet up and hang out for a bit if you guys are down for that haha xD.

Other than that, I've gone to college for a couple years for Pre-health Science and I'm currently taking a year break. I haven't really decided on what I want to do with life, but hey, just keep moving forward c: !!