public140Group Leader: Hiro.x3Created: 12/05/12


Posted by Hiro.x3
12/05/12 20:23

Ill go first lol

Name/Aliases: Hiro, Puppy, Cellan, Ryun
Age: 19
Height: 5'10
Eye Color: L.Brown
Likes: All music, Anime, Drawing, Gaming, Twizzlers, Ice cream, Red, Black, White, Blue, Polar bears, White Bengal tiger, Panthers, Penguins
Dislikes: Eggs, Milk, Haters, Fakes
Games on Aeria: Domo (*Hiroshi*), Eden Eternal (xHiro/Cellan), Pirate Maidens (Hiro's Harem)


Posted by iBLo0DRappeRz
12/28/12 02:41

lll got 2nd xD

Name: Harry
Eye Color:Brown
Likes: All Music,MMOPRG,Cookies,Cake,Girlz xD,Bears,Dogs,Cats,Anime
Dislikes:Haters,Pervers,Nubs,Egg like Hiro o.o
Games on Aeria : DDTank(iBLo0DRappeRz),Grand Fantasia(Reiine 75 Templar),WolfTeam (NoLifeKing-Colonel rank),Counter-Strike 1.6 but is not Aeria Game nvm i am rank 8 in world :) that all


Posted by kecapmanis
02/09/13 23:52

Name: Evora
Height: 167cm (I'm Asian so using centimeter)
Weight: 46kg
Measurements: 32 23 34
Eye Color: Black
Likes: My car, my purse, shopping mall, Ice cream, lamb, fish, red wine
Dislikes: Fake ppl n cockroach


Posted by llMiraiNikki
02/15/13 22:03

Alright I'm 4th then haha.

Name: Edison Ong (Will soon change it to Kogami Shinya lolll)
Age: 22!!
Height: 5'11 (I'm Asian and I'm not using cm xD)
Weight: 190 lbs
Measurements: ...uhh Waist is 34. That's it. LOL
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Likes: Cardfight Vanguard (yes I play card games :c), food, my computer, and my friends n .n
Dislikes: Eggplant, Okra, Ketchup on my hotdog, when the toilet paper roll isn't facing the right way.

That's all c:


Posted by JalsSerrano
02/27/13 06:08

I'm 5th XD

Name/Aliases: Jals, Lethal Angel
Age: 16
Height: 5'11
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Likes: Inspiring musics, anime, playing games, friends, sleeping, eating, anything that keeps me alive
Dislike: Things that can kill me(perfumes), enemies, problems
Games on Aeria: Gunz, NFSW, Eden Eternal, WolfTeam, DKO, DWO, 12sky2, Big Head Bash, DD Tank, Pirate Galaxy, Starlight Story


Posted by Nankyoko
02/28/13 02:10

6th o/
Name: Sakura
Likes: Evo, EE, shaman, calling hiro a nub, and taiyaki ^^
Dislikes: cold... death... umm and other things I don't like XD
Games: EE


Posted by Ciuvaz115
03/03/13 10:02

Name: Arunas
Age: 24
Height: 185 cm
Eye color: Dark Brown
Likes: anime, playing games, sleeping etc. General stuff.
Dislikes: annoying people
Games on Aeria: EE, 12Sky2
Steam games: Borderlands 2, CS:GO, L4D2 and many more


Posted by AtshushiKuro
03/06/13 01:01

Name/Aliases: Atshushi,Shin,Shu
Eye color:Dark Brown
Likes:Anime,Manga,Drawing,Music,Dance,Gaming Especialy MMORPG
Games on Aeria: GF,EE


Posted by Marcz28
04/02/13 08:49

Name/Aliases: Marc, BlackMagic
Eye color:Brown
Likes:Basketball, Computer games
Dislikes: Noise
Games on Aeria: EE


Posted by Suteiji
08/30/13 07:14

Name: Alex, Haru
Eye Color: Dark Brown o: or maybe brown idk .-.
Likes: Minecraft, Drawing, Music, Gaming, Food, CaptainSparklez, Tiger and Bunny
Dislikes: Pro Wannabies, Annoying People
Games on Aeria: CS, GF, Last Chaos