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Herro passengers~ Sorry for the inactiveness on Aeria, I've been on a month's Hiatus & will be coming back today! I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn lately and been making videos ...

100 members~

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Congrats everyone!!! We just hit 100 members!!! To celebrate this achievrmen, I will be giving everyone 2 extra votes~ I plan to host events soon too so if anyone have any suggestions feel free to pm ...


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As of now, I will be giving people +5 "votes" not stars but votes to all who post in this topic. It is to help us meet new people and develop friendships also stronger bonds while in the process of ge...

50 members~

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We have just reached 50 passengers everyone!! :D I thank you all for being a part of this group. In the short time this group has been created, we seen it grow and I hope you all continue to spread go...

Happy Valentines Day~

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Happy New Years~

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Lets keep up the karma spamming passengers~ :3

Merry Christmas!!!

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To everyone who is still alive and choo choooing~ and I hope you all have a wonderful Xmas!! Don't forget to karma!! Choo Chooo~ :3