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So, what would help the guild the most?

Posted by Arsalem
12/26/12 23:26

"So, what would help the guild the most?
Posted by Blucarelli on Wed Dec 26 19:12:31 2012 - Updated on Wed Dec 26 19:12:31 2012
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I absolutely love PvP, and am not determined to play a specific class (although I do prefer female toons).
That being said which class seems to be the most adept at PvP? Do we plan on taking and keeping a castle? I didn't get to play the stress test due to my PoS Windows 8 laptop... so any input from those that did would be appreciated."


To answer your questions, I will break this into multiple parts.

1. Regarding player character choice as far as sex race and class go.
I want you all to have the most enjoyable playing experience you can. So; that being said, pick absolutely any class or character you want. I can work around our numbers for strategies as needed due to availability of our players and how many of each class we have.

****1,2&3 will build up to strategies

2. PVP, raids, and castle sieges.
The key classes for sustainable PVP etc are the SM and the Paladin. Here is why:
SM: The Shadow Mage, has AOE AND Healing. So, she can easily hold her own in mass damage with the Elementalist and the Sorceress. She also, can sustain herself and her teammates with her healing skill. (Unfortunately i think all the heals are single target only?? -correct me please)
PAL: The Paladin, has stun, AOE and healing abilities. Meaning, that not only are they valuable to be side-by-side/ shoulder-to-shoulder with the Warrior class, but they can also hinder the opponent and heal teammates as well.
The Sorceress and Elementalist:
Both are great as far as AOE go, their only downfall is the nerf of their defense. So, in order for them to be fully effective, they will need to be healed as well as ensured that they do not become mobbed. The Ice summon can get in the way as far as vision goes, but that is easily maneuvered around with the scroll function and mouse to change angles. Regardless, the summon makes a great distraction/ decoy for a few seconds of extra protection for their class.
War:The Warrior, can have 2 separate functions truth be told. One, can be the right side skill tree, which is a damage absorption tree. Meaning, that the player will of had to focus souly on the right side to get all the benefits that that can have. (I played this side in OBST, and due to my want of dodge, became a weight on my party members, so if you're going ALL dex like i did, be conscious that the dodge will not kick in until after level 20). But the right side of the warrior also has a stun ability, that holds for... 7 seconds I believe was the time, then buffs for 3-5 mins. The left side of the warrior skill tree, is ideal for doing mass damage to a single target until you get the final skill, which allows the player to do a much more powerful than their previous one AOE.
Again, all of these are buffed tremendously by equipment and other buffs parties can cast on one another.

3. Regarding Castle Siege
To answer you bluntly, YES I do want to hold at LEAST one castle. My main subjects for want, are Ludbier, Halland, Raden, or Ledise. You may be thinking that neither Raden, NOR Ledise have castle siege instances, and this is FALSE. Through my searching and exploration of the map and all of the secrets we could find while limited as we were, I was able to find a full on siege instance that i could interact with at Raden Castle. This, I will not go into too much detail on seeing as how our group is public ( I may need to change that in the future) but, I assure you, full tactics will be used and available for the seizing of Raden Castle.
Now, my ultimate want / goal? Is to have RUEMON (yes, the center of the pvp, and the object of the factions warring). If you explored Ruemon, you will find that there is a castle on the bottom left side of the structure, that extends beneath the western and southern bridges, AS WELL AS a disabled NPC character that was at the top of the building (I am referring to the orange dot that designates an NPC on your mini-map). I have been pestering the GMs constantly regarding whether or not this is an obtainable goal. they do no know. SO, cross your fingers for me, and hope we have some interesting programmers on this game. So, RUEMON is my ultimate goal for this guild.
I would very much appreciate all of you providing feedback regarding the castles I have chosen, or if you would like to take one of the others (I did explore Baston once as a non-enabled PVP player during the CBT siege, and it is laid out quit blandly in my own opinion) But regardless, please give me your input. I am not adverse to owning ALL of the castles.

3. Strategy
As far as strategy goes, Ariel, is very good at thinking of everything in the LONG-TERM, from our PVP to our dungeon diving, and as such, she has been reviewing tactics etc. Now, as far as split-of-the-moment on the spot tactics, I will easily be able to adapt what players we have and their classes/ play styles to whatever situation we find ourselves. I have no doubt many of you are able to do the same.
HOWEVER, I am currently building a hierarchy of our guild with roles assigned to certain players and groups. I will submit this within the next few days. I urge you all to follow these structures I produce, to attempt to make our guild as functional as possible.
We were able to grow this guild in one week of half-time playing, from 12 members to the 28+ we have now. Given that growth rate, and the fact that we have many players un-associated with this page still, and so many new players eager to try the game, it is perfectly feasible we may have up to or more than 80 players. Hence, the hierarchy, and ranking structure. I hope to play with everyone so I can figure out the details of who will work well with who, but for now, the structure I am working on seems to be fitting.

Please let me know if you all have any questions regarding my response to Tynim's questions. Trynim, I hope to hear from you soon regarding your opinions on this, and whether or not I fully answered your questions.


So, what would help the guild the most?

Posted by Arsalem
12/26/12 23:26

yes i know strategy should be numbered 4. my bad. lol

So, what would help the guild the most?

Posted by Arsalem
12/26/12 23:43

I would also like to mention that for OB, the level cap is supposedly being increased to 56, so you can dabble in BOTH sides of the skill tree somewhat effectively.

So, what would help the guild the most?

Posted by dv2axonn
12/27/12 07:41

I read all, this guild its interesting :D i have learned a lot only from this topic ^^, so i was smart to make me a paladin ^^.

And i cant wait to OB if you said the 56 will be the level cap

So, what would help the guild the most?

Posted by filipvarga
12/27/12 11:40

Closed Beta was just a testing stage, as everything is going to be reset in Open Beta, but its good to know something about each class. Since Im a "Melee DPS Player", Im going to choose Warrior as Warrior/Fighter is the Class I play in every game.

So, what would help the guild the most?

Posted by Arsalem
12/27/12 15:00

Pleased to see you're both confident in the professions for your characters. :)

So, what would help the guild the most?

Posted by Arsalem
12/27/12 15:09

I want this thread in the immediately viewable discussion board. Lol sorry, have to say something to keep it active.

So, what would help the guild the most?

Posted by Blucarelli
12/29/12 17:57

Thanks for the input Arlem. Due to my desire to play a female class (I cannot look at a dudes butt for hours on end) Looks like SM for me!

So, what would help the guild the most?

Posted by Blucarelli
12/29/12 18:01

If you want Ruemon, well we will just have to take it. forgot to add that and cant edit >

So, what would help the guild the most?

Posted by Arsalem
12/29/12 22:23

No problem Trynim. I agree.