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Posted by Emralyn
12/12/12 18:53 least I don't have to start my own dork post since you already did xDDD

Hi everyone! My name is Amy, I'm a dorkaholic since forever and caught the last two days of the DKO cbt so I didn't get the owl poppet *sadface* I'm a biology major and work as a veterinary assistant. Um, I'm no the best player but I try my best and I make people laugh since I'm always doing stupid things, most of them cluelessly. I have no sense of directiion whatsoever and I'm always falling off some cliff, bridge, vista...basically anywhere higher than two feet in game. I HATE jumping puzzles in games...did you hear me? HATE, ABHOR, strong dislike, as in grabs a flamethrower and incinerates the pc screen ~_^ Other than that, I'm a very calm pleasant person.


Posted by Arsalem
12/12/12 19:16

Haha, its very nice to meet you. It sounds like you will probably fit in well with most of our other players. :)