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Posted by Ninniachel on 05/17/13 15:49 - Updated on 05/17/13 15:49
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I may be returning back to DK online this summer (when it reopens). Is there still room for me?

    any news about when game will be back?

    Posted by habdussamed2 on 05/21/13 08:57 - Updated on 05/21/13 08:57
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      A tiny announcement

      Posted by TreishaSempai on 05/13/13 21:39 - Updated on 05/13/13 21:39
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      This is prompted by Nate's latest announcement, but I am leaving LD tonight, just wanting to let everyone know instead of just suddenly leaving without a word. I will not be back in DKO when it opens,...

      What realm are we ?

      Posted by saytara22 on 04/07/13 12:24 - Updated on 04/07/13 12:24
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      What is our realm so i can join in ? and some one invite me to the guild in game i am not in it...

        i hate the quiet

        Posted by 99_chris on 01/17/13 01:28 - Updated on 01/17/13 01:28
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        is there even anyone even there the only thing I have got from people is answering my friend request and messages from the leader does that mean no one talks anymore come on come on you can do it talk...

        The new guy

        Posted by 99_chris on 01/15/13 06:07
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        hallo every body I just joined this game and I think I have got all the controls right but haven't played the game yet so help would be nice. I don't know how to edit my profile the right way or how t...

        realita01's suggestion for a list of all our player names

        Posted by Arsalem on 12/24/12 19:25 - Updated on 12/24/12 19:25
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        Submit your aeria account name, and your IGN(in game name)/ PC (player character name).

          Hello guys =)

          Posted by speedboost on 12/30/12 07:37 - Updated on 12/30/12 07:37
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          Hey, I would love to join the guild when OB starts and I hope you will take me. I have played shaiya for a couple of years but it started to bore me... so i decided to move on and here I am =) If you ...

          So, what would help the guild the most?

          Posted by Blucarelli on 12/26/12 19:12 - Updated on 12/26/12 19:12
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          I absolutely love PvP, and am not determined to play a specific class (although I do prefer female toons). That being said which class seems to be the most adept at PvP? Do we plan on taking and keep...

          just a suggestion

          Posted by realita01 on 12/24/12 23:23
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          i think we must making a page for this broo.,., like this : username/email : eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%7...