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News after weekend one of DKO OB, GUILD ACTIVE AND lvl 4!

Posted by Arsalem on 01/21/13 11:04

Congratulations Lucid Dream,

The guild was created on the 19th of January, by myself after a very long a grueling night of grinding with a lot of our other members!

Our current IG (in game) numbers for the guild are at 34 members.
*some of you have multiple characters, so its actually at about 26 or 27 right now.

I am very pleased indeed to let you all know that after our hefty contributions of 2,700,000 gold, [size=18]the guild is now Level 4.
We now have 4 passive pre-activated guild skills for you all to benefit from that buff your stats!
Our next goal is Level 5 at 5,000,000 gold.

You know what that means. Castle Siege! We will be choosing castles shortly, and I will ensure you are all alerted of the times and locations here and on the Lucid Dream site as well.

Keep up the good work and I hope you're having fun!