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Guild Rules

Posted by Arsalem on 12/09/12 06:36 - Updated on 04/21/13 16:45

1. Do not slander, belittle, start rumors, curse at, pk (without a duel request accepted), intimidate, lie to, or abuse your fellow guild members in anyway. - failure to comply will result in guild expulsion and constant PK on sight by myself and my enforcers.

2. We are a Guild. Not Fiending drug addicts. So DO NOT sell items to fellow guild members or ask for compensation when you give them an item. It is great when someone wants to trade, but we do not buy from each other. Keep your money for outside purchases.

3. We are not a primarily PK guild. I will endorse and allow PK on a few occasions- 1. You were pk'd and want revenge
2. A fellow guild member or initiate was Pk'd and you are helping them enact "revenge" as a part of a "justifiable" honor code.
3. We are at war with another guild.
4. YOu witness unjust pking of a new user/ noob/ newbie. Stand up for your fellow players.
5. You ask a fellow player to "duel" and the accept. Meaning you both agree to turn PK on and then fight. (It is possible to cease a fight before killing a fellow member so as to preserve their exp.)
-----WE ARE NOT A PK GUILD. This rule is to ensure that you and other players have a fun experience and to keep the name of LucidDream respected in the guild and gaming communities.

-note- I am italian, and as such will treat my guild as my family. You do not mess with my family. Plain and simple. I expect you all to watch each others backs.

4. Guild storage will be granted access to Vices, Elites, and Generals or other game equivalents. Reason being is so they may store excess items and equipment that newer members can use to enhance their playing experience, or that the guild may need for raids on dungeons, castles, and other guilds/ players during wars. Personal storage is for you. I do not care what goes in your personal storage or what comes out. Just as long as you do not use it for financial gain from your fellow guild members. (see above)

5. Guild Treasury. Vices, Elites and Generals have access to this through the guild storage. DO NOT STEAL FROM THE GUILD. If for any reason you need gold etc, contact myself and ask and explain why. I have a very lenient policy when it comes to gold. If it is yours it is yours. You do not have to donate to the guild. I will donate frequently to our vault just in case of emergencies, or instances/ events where the guild may need money to participate and or win. (meaning if i need gold to buy a castle we can all rest our pcs and mingle at then i expect it to be there for such as long as i and whoever else donated to the vault have put enough in for such.)

6. Be kind to your other players. You may have an alias and alternate life in game, but that does not mean you can take advantage of the other players.

7. Respect the hierarchy. I have placed my Vices and Elites in those positions because i not only trust them but value their opinions and have found them reliable and just players as well.

_---More rules to come as seen fit by my vices and our guild experiences.-----

PS. I will not hesitate to punish, ban, demote, remove, block or PK any member that breaks these rules. I will give you 72 hours to explain any actions you are charged with committing or i have witnessed. If you are unable to do so and you believe you are not guilty or i have punished you unjustly please let me know and we will discuss it. Thank you.

I look forward to working/ playing with you all.


Addendum 1:
As the guild grows and flourishes (which I feel we have been doing, already a massive number of the other guilds and players in the community recognize us and are normally more than pleased to interact with us.) I want to ensure that you all remember the fact that having fun is a priority. I know i should not have to tell you to have fun in the Rules, but alas, just to cover all my bases... I decided I should. So get out there and have FUN.

Addendum 2:
When selling items, make sure the items you are selling are not being sold cheaper by a regular NPC merchant (I made that mistake during the stress test, and looked a total tool.) and also ensure that the Items you are selling are either equal too, less than or in the middle of your fellow PC merchants prices. (Just to ensure you all are getting to make some profit.)