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Posted by on 05/13/13 17:40

Please leave the guild forum and site. I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Guild Rules

Posted by on 12/09/12 06:36 - Updated on 04/21/13 16:45

1. Do not slander, belittle, start rumors, curse at, pk (without a duel request accepted), intimidate, lie to, or abuse your fellow guild members in anyway. - failure to comply will result in guild ex...

Guild Update

Posted by on 03/20/13 08:03

We are updating our guild list. All welcomed back to guild if deleted. Thank You Ariel


Posted by on 01/21/13 11:07

For member tracking purposes and easier communication, I would like ALL of you in the guild to apply. Flip has been working very hard to make a virtual news hub for our guild. Come check it out. Here...

News after weekend one of DKO OB, GUILD ACTIVE AND lvl 4!

Posted by on 01/21/13 11:04

Congratulations Lucid Dream, The guild was created on the 19th of January, by myself after a very long a grueling night of grinding with a lot of our other members! Our current IG (in game) numbers ...

O.B. New Start-up Time 2p.m. 1/18 PST

Posted by on 01/18/13 05:32 - Updated on 01/18/13 05:33

Aeira team worked hard around the clock and now ready to play. Let's have some Fun!! Ariel


Posted by on 01/16/13 23:56

Dear Lucid Dream, It grieves me greatly to have to let you all know that the DKO server is not only down with no return time posted yet, but it is under maintenance to correct all messed up issues. I...

Download the game NOW!

Posted by on 01/16/13 20:52

LucidDream, is sided to Dione in the MMOrpg Dragon Knights Online, or DKOnline. Our member policy is open for anyone to drop in and join,our family. Trying to keep you all together. I hope you all...

Some last minute things of importance.

Posted by on 01/15/13 08:22

Members of Lucid Dream, With Open Beta just a day away, I realized that some of you may still be wondering about a few things. Hopefully this announcement will answer any questions and set your mind...

Number 10!

Posted by on 01/13/13 04:31

We are climbing back up to the top of Aeria's top 10 most active groups!I am very pleased by this to say the least. :) Please check the guild page and guild site for information updates etc. Some of ...