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Episode 25

Posted by DrasticAzn253
12/20/12 19:14

same here i want too see the the next episode.... its goin to be awesome..

Episode 25

Posted by triti
12/22/12 19:09

Was cool to see 24 and 25 at the same time

Episode 25

Posted by LunarAbyss
12/26/12 11:57

i dont think there will be a next episode after Episode 25 i think its was ended there unless they make a new season or series that takes place in the future if SAO then it would be pointless to ruin a perfect ending
but yes i do wish they put more episodes out on this but i doubt it.

Episode 25

Posted by triti
12/27/12 18:01

The ending was perfect same as the anime
Really one of the best