public10Group Leader: imsochataCreated: 11/11/12

nobody won

Posted by on 12/08/12 01:19

Srry nobody won to be officer i may just choose u like rafom but no one accthaly won srry n i will maybe choose it radomly •_•


Posted by on 11/13/12 20:32

Tommrow isur last day for telling me ur fav vitural workd tgan youll turn to officer two will be officer nobody know who will win it might be…………………YOU ©__©

Imsochata's fav vitural world

Posted by on 11/12/12 15:11

My favorite are Fantage Stardoll Grand fantasia -From ur leader imsochata

Grand Fantasia

Posted by on 11/11/12 23:01

Is to much events happening can u buy all of them before it expires find out more on ANNOUNCEMENT for the day ^_^!