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What Class to be?????

Posted by azraccoon
01/31/13 03:26

Well, tanks (see, defender) are usually wanted very much in MMO's, due to nobody realy wanting to play'em.

From reading they're also beasts in PvP at later levels, although for the first while until they get their armor/hp/skills up they're lackluster at best. Typical tank there :3

Shadow walker seems like a typical gank/meless DPS type. But somebody who's played the alpha can likely give you more in-depth details on if that's right or not :3 Personally after seeing some images/videos of their claws I turned right off the class, nobody should use a fist weapon as big as they are, it just looks silly.

What Class to be?????

Posted by jdbecker619
02/07/13 15:03

I always roll tank class. Friends pushed me into that class back in the day and grew to love it. I also enjoy the search for a good healer / new bff.

What Class to be?????

Posted by Dracojc
02/09/13 08:06

Yeah. I know tanks are the bomb and all. But i've grow attached to the rpg dps types, mostly cause i love dual wielding. But i cant wait to see both Shadow walkers and defenders in action.

What Class to be?????

Posted by Zerocool2180
02/09/13 11:52

I really cants waint to see that new class they are working on. I have a huge things about guns man do I love long ranged attacks. I love rolling a healer however it seems that I always lose the what I call "stand alone complex" After always being a group just healing. I forget to how to fight sometimes.

What Class to be?????

Posted by TStarKnight
02/09/13 23:01

love dual wielding as well healer classes are fun to use too

What Class to be?????

Posted by AngelOracion
02/11/13 16:04

I will be ...a Medic :D or some other dps class :P

What Class to be?????

Posted by KisanaKaito
02/19/13 16:00

I first tried SW at Alpha, I'll try Punisher for CB!

What Class to be?????

Posted by rafael_qlm
02/20/13 03:42

I played as a whipper in korean scarlet blade (Queen's Blade Online btw), i liked her AoE skills but i think i'm gonna be a SW to PK ;D, a Medic for DGs or a Punisher cause of her "difficulty" :3

P.S: i thought in be a sentinel but she's very censured and is a child so... no sexy costumes for her :C

What Class to be?????

Posted by kairaius
02/23/13 00:42

i think ill try the shadow walker,deffender or the whipper

What Class to be?????

Posted by TheNinjaKitten
02/23/13 02:52

I plan to main Medic and have a Punisher alt. :D