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Posted by TheNinjaKitten
11/14/12 03:52

NinjaKitten \o/

Original Post: Posted by evilishan

Are you ready? IGNs please. I haven't made up mine yet but it will most likely be walmazi

CB signup

Posted by miagatameskulo
11/25/12 11:36

i cant wait for the game :D

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Posted by Siquanz
11/26/12 10:44

Please inform me if the game is Up.
I dont wanna miss it^^

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Posted by LunarAbyss
11/30/12 04:16

ok will i be able to join the closed beta and when is it goin to open so i dont miss it
i have already registered for it

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Posted by Cazema
12/04/12 09:26

I´m so excited for this game!!
Hmm...IGN? Maybe Krys, I still haven´t decided which one to use XD

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Posted by kazrate
12/05/12 04:59

Yeah me too.. so very nce. i cnt wait to download it..!! Women will rise again!

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Posted by gerard232
12/13/12 14:32

This game is lookin soooo legit :D
IGN will most likely be TwinkleSomething xD

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Posted by MalchikGay01
12/16/12 17:03

this is a healing class in this game right?

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Posted by Blucarelli
12/16/12 17:55

IGN will most likely be Trynim or Calieh

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Posted by zatumiz
12/19/12 08:34

does anyone know the definite release date of this game???