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Wonder just how many still play SB as of 7/2014

Posted by IHTP on 07/29/14 21:17 - Updated on 07/29/14 21:17
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Most games start out with either a bang or the deafening roar of silence. This one so far despite the critics still seems to survive.

    This ain't looking good

    Posted by IHTP on 05/27/14 09:21 - Updated on 05/27/14 09:21
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    Well if anyone still plays SB today 27 May they did a sever merge now we only have one server, which is not a good sign, shame I like the game myself.

      Whippers vs Shadow Walkers

      Posted by alixshinra on 05/31/14 00:33 - Updated on 05/31/14 00:33
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      I find whippers a super fun class to play but what about a duel between a whipper and a shadowwalker?

        Free Knights vs Royal Guards

        Posted by Civiccake on 06/25/14 23:52 - Updated on 06/25/14 23:52
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        Right now I'm having a problem installing the game X_X but anyways befor I start Playing I would Like 2 know which one is actually better or with like more people?Cause I like making friends joining t...

        We need to know !

        Posted by jolorichie123 on 06/13/14 23:50 - Updated on 06/13/14 23:50
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        Hello! If you join to the group would be nice! Have fun as always, we are making the group a helpful group so stay tuned. Eat well protect your self at all time, In God We Trust. Short Name: Dog Tag ...

        boy's are in the house, oh joy

        Posted by IHTP on 12/06/13 10:35 - Updated on 12/06/13 10:35
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        Well the boys are in town though weaker than the female characters, might check them out, as long as they don't wear thongs or some other god awful outfit, don't feel like doing a Chippendale characte...

        New Char Free Knights

        Posted by MrVelvet on 05/04/14 13:56 - Updated on 05/04/14 13:56
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        Hey I'm new to scarlet blade on free knights my username is MeiyahVelvet add if ur a free knight or just at my aeria games person too if you want. Hope I see u guys around in scarlet either on my side...

        Looking for new friends to start out Scarlet Blade

        Posted by phoenixrequiem on 03/31/14 14:29 - Updated on 03/31/14 14:29
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        I just got the download and I'm looking forward to making new friends in this game for guild issues, quests and loot. give me a holla @ "phoenixrequiem" (no parentheses). Looking forward to meeting al...


        Posted by sunjhone on 12/06/12 05:46 - Updated on 12/06/12 05:46
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        hi all a pleasure to be part of this group, I'm also excited waiting for this great game, so we'll add us all, and know before open beta. ^^

          can't get in to solaris server

          Posted by bonetrollface29 on 12/01/13 13:52
          Comment: 3 - Last Commented: 02/19/14 21:28

          need help with get into Solaris server it said mother disconnected you from the server any help would be helpful