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Closed Beta Tester Rewards (Starts: 3/11 - Ends: ENDED)

Posted by TheNinjaKitten on 03/07/13 21:18 - Updated on 04/06/13 16:19 Event Date: 03/04/13 20:00

Official Closed Beta Event

Tier 1:
Lucky Hypovial Non-Tradable x5
Beast's Bounty Hypovial Non-Tradable x5
Monster EXP Hypovial Non-Tradable x5

Tier 2:
Mother's Blessing Non-Tradable x10
Pet Energy Double Drink Non-Tradable x10
Skill Reset Code Non-Tradable x1
(Stacks with previous reward)

Tier 3:
Your Account will Receive a Special pet (Fleck)
(Stacks with previous reward)

Details Here: