public2816Group Leader: TheNinjaKittenCreated: 10/29/12

    Never Let Go (Starts: 6/26 - Ends: 7/10)

    Posted by on 06/27/13 15:53 Event Date: 06/25/13 21:00

    "Hello Commanders! For this event you'll create some Scarlet Blade fan art but with 1 small twist: You must make the entire drawing out of 1 continuous line! So grab your paper and pencil and don't let go!... I mean literally don't let go!" -GS TheNinjaKitten Prizes: 1st Place: Safeguard Stardust 6 (x5) Pet Hunger Hack (x5) Pet EXP Boost 6-hr (x5) Megaphone (x10) 2nd Place: Safeguard Stardust 6 (x3) Pet Hunger Hack (x3) Pet EXP Boost 6-hr (x3) 3rd Place: Safeguard Stardust 6 (x2) Pet Hunger Hack (x2) Pet EXP Boost 6-hr (x2) 5 Honorable Mentions: EXP Booster (x2) Rare Grafting Tool (x2) All Participants: "I Never Let Go!" Badge Details:

    Screenshot Contest (Starts: 6/27 - Ends: 7/31)

    Posted by on 06/27/13 15:58 Event Date: 06/25/13 21:00

    Facebook exclusive screenshot event. Grandprize: Foxfire Bike 4 Runner Ups: Pearlflame Bike Detail:

    Song Parody 2 (Starts: 6/21 - Ends: 7/12)

    Posted by on 06/26/13 15:58 - Updated on 06/27/13 15:54 Event Date: 06/21/13 21:00

    "This event is to take a song and modify it to have a Scarlet Blade or Aeria theme. Comes from event I have done previously back in November." -GS Short_Amigo Prizes: Winners: Winner Receives a $20 AP card code. Honorary Mentions: 2 honorary mentions will receive a $10 AP card code each. Participants: 1x Narak Relic Details:

    X Marks the Spot (Starts: 6/9 - Ends: 6/31)

    Posted by on 06/09/13 23:56 Event Date: 06/08/13 21:00

    "Ahoy maties! It's about that time of year! The sun is shining, and the weather is amazing! Everyone's out trekking the lands, enjoying everything that summer has to offer. And, while everyone is out, what's better than a treasure hunt!" -GMShrinky Details: Prizes: Sweet Candy Stripper Cap for class of your choice(NT) x 1 ------- ODDS: 1/91 Safeguard Stardust Level 6 (NT) x 1 --------------------------------------- ODDS: 5/91 HP Rapid Regen Hypovial Level 20 x 10 ----------------------------------- ODDS: 25/91 Megaphone x 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------ ODDS: 5/91 Rare Laser Scanner x 1 -------------------------------------------------------- ODDS: 15/91 Powered Backpack (NT) x 1 -------------------------------------------------- ODDS: 10/91 EXP Booster (NT) x 1 ------------------------------------------------------------ ODDS: 15/91 Seal Remover (NT) x 1 ---------------------------------------------------------- ODDS: 1/91 Crimson Stardust Gem x 1 ---------------------------------------------------- ODDS: 7/91 Emerald Stardust Gem x 1 ---------------------------------------------------- ODDS: 7/91

    Daily In-Game Events (Starts: 6/10 - Ends: 9/10)

    Posted by on 06/09/13 13:30 Event Date: 06/07/13 21:00

    "Greetings Commanders! Our team is happy to announce our participation in the 2013 Aeria Games Summer of Fun! With a special focus on events and activities to keep you busy this summer, we want to make this the best summer at Aeria yet!" -GM Leo Summer of Fun Announcement: In-Game Events List: Prizes: Pet Scraps Grafting Tools Warehouse Codes Hypovials (HP/SP/CP) Pet EXP Boosts Pet Hunger Hacks EXP/Drop/Gold Boosts Narak Relics Safeguard Stardust ...and much more!

    Dragons Need Your Help!!! (Starts: 5/15 - Ends: 5/28)

    Posted by on 05/15/13 22:45 - Updated on 05/15/13 22:50 Event Date: 05/13/13 21:00

    "Hello guys. I am President Phoenix from Dragon Knights Online. I have come to you with a quest. Your belove SaltyLoves is quite ill. She has a horrendous disease called nolaughinmylife. It is so bad that the doctors are considering of giving SaltyLoves a brain transplant. We know that is not needed or called for so please help me..." -GSdeatheater59 Prizes: Participation Badge 1 Winner Badge Details Here:

    Scavenger Hunt (Starts: 5/9 - Ends: 5/31)

    Posted by on 05/10/13 05:18 Event Date: 05/09/13 21:00

    "Tighten those laces on your boots, grab that trusty magnifying glass, and don’t forget your handy detective hat! It’s time for a Scavenger Hunt!" -GMShrinky Prizes: First 3 to find all 17 accurately: Regal Minstrel Pantaloon Costume Next 2 to complete the event: Narak Relic x 20 Next 10 to complete the event: Narak Relic (NT) x 10 Participants with 10+ accurate screenshots: Narak Relic (NT) x 2 Details Here:

    Triple Trouble Drawing (Starts: 5/9 - Ends: 5/31)

    Posted by on 05/10/13 06:08 Event Date: 05/09/13 21:00

    "Here’s Shrinky’s Event of the Month! Come join the first forum event for Scarlet Blade! This will be a Drawing challenge!!" -GMShrinky Prizes: Winners: Rare Grafting Tool x 1 Honorary Mentions: Narak Artifact (NT) x 1 Participants: Pet Experience Booster (s) (NT) x 1 Details:

    GMLeo's Siggy Event (Starts: 4/9 - Ends: 4/23)

    Posted by on 04/12/13 03:25 - Updated on 04/12/13 03:26 Event Date: 04/09/13 21:00

    Official Forum Event "It's a new year and GMLeo wants a new look for his profile! Make him a signature and matching avatar featuring some of the things he likes and win a special badge!" -GMMokona Prize: Lion Trollface Badge Details Here:

    Scarlet Blade - Win a Pet (Starts: 3/13 - Ends: ENDED)

    Posted by on 03/13/13 19:19 - Updated on 04/06/13 16:19 Event Date: 03/11/13 21:00

    Facebook event that you can participate in for a chance at winning the "Coit Pet" which you will get in Closed Beta and Release. The contest will last until the end of Closed Beta. They will be giving away 10 pets EVERY DAY through CB. Refer a friend and get 10 additional entries for yourself. Don't forget to click on the 'Share' button on the app to refer-a-friend. Go here to Participate: