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Facebook and Founder Packs

Posted by TheNinjaKitten on 03/22/13 00:04

Hey guys! GM Leo has posted up a Facebook FAQ which also includes a Poll asking whether or not you have a Facebook account.

They've also set a goal for 25,000 Likes on the SB Facebook page, and if the goal is met they'll give us a special announcement regarding Open Beta.

Check it out and be sure to Vote!:

Also, if you haven't liked the SB Facebook page already, show your support, get news/exclusive events, and please do!:

Don't have a Facebook account but still want to support SB and participate in their Facebook exclusive events? Then just set up a fake account! You are by no means required to provide any personal information what-so-ever when creating a Facebook account. You can even use an alternative email.


For those of you that bought a Legendary Founder pack but do not live in the US, you'll be happy to know they are now shipping to: United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, United Kingdom

Don't know what the Founder Packs are or want more details? Check it out here: