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SB Event Updates

Posted by on 02/23/13 03:49 - Updated on 06/27/13 16:01

*NEW EVENT: "Hello Commanders! For this event you'll create some Scarlet Blade fan art but with 1 small twist: You must make the entire drawing out of 1 continuous line! So grab your paper and penc...

New Content Soon! (Lvl 34 Cap)

Posted by on 05/22/13 09:26

ARE YOU READY for the level 34 cap?? Because it's coming very Soon™! It will be bringing a new dungeon, new maps, new quests, new bosses, new game functions and more! Check out all the official upd...

Character Restoration Wednesday

Posted by on 05/21/13 18:10

Characters are scheduled to be restored Wednesday (5/22) during maintenance. Read the official announcement here:

Force Quitting & Missing Characters

Posted by on 05/18/13 02:30

Official statement regarding the Alt+F4/Force-Close technique to quit the game and prevent character death has been made. It is considered an exploit and therefore against the ToS and reportable. For...

99 AP Loot Forge

Posted by on 04/16/13 23:40

"There are 5 rounds, each containing 8 prizes. When you play the Loot Forge, you're guaranteed an item from Round 1. If you're not happy with the item, you can choose to throw the item back into the...

Writing Survey

Posted by on 04/16/13 18:25

Do an SB survey and get entered in a chance to win The Barhopper's Night Out pack. 12 lucky participants picked at random will receive this prize. More details and survey here:

New GMs on the SB Team

Posted by on 04/15/13 22:16

The SB team explodes with 4 new GMs!: GM Skwirl, GM Zeal, GM Dropkick, and GM Shrinky. Read the official announcement and give your welcomes here:

Monster Spawn Event Today!

Posted by on 04/14/13 14:44

A Monster Spawn Event will be held today in Enocia: Valkyrie 3:00PM-3:45PM Both Factions Andromeda 3:55PM-4:35PM Both Factions Venus 4:45PM-5:30PM Both Factions Times are in PST. Event Details: ht...

Promotions & Feedback

Posted by on 04/06/13 16:18

- 69 Bonus Ladder Get bonus items on top of anything you buy this weekend! Starts at 69 AP: - Bonus Ladder Guide:

Item Mall Now Up

Posted by on 04/02/13 15:43

The Item Mall is now up! You can access it in-game by pressing the V key or visiting the web item mall here: