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    Hideout Battle Faction PvP Prizes

    Posted by on 01/08/13 18:42 Event Date: 01/08/13 20:00

    1. Duration: Every week there are ranked battle Episodes! Check weekly to see the prizes and duration of these Episodes! 2. Requirements: Level 10+ must signup. Go to the Battle button now! 3. Prizes: Prizes are awarded for each battle as follows: (be sure to check out SPECIAL prizes for High Score Ranking Episodes!) Participation: 1,000 Silver + bonus based of Fame Points earned 2 Imp Souls: Used in the SPECIAL Event Cauldron - Obsidian! Winning Faction (earns both): 1,000 Silver + bonus based on Fame Points earned 2 Imp Souls

    Rune Hunter Invasion!

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    ^Click on the image/banner for more information Play Magimon now!!