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New Account

Posted by on 11/07/12 21:45

I havent been playing for awhile so my account is "not working." so i made a new account. Plz add me. My new account name is xRabidxDog . I usually play 7:30 (Pacific/Western Time)on weekdays a...

Im back

Posted by on 11/07/12 21:42

Sorry guys. I have been gone for awhile. I just traveled. Now im back!!!


Posted by on 10/08/12 16:47

who wants to be the manager of this group. I might be gone for awhile so tell me who wants to take care of this group for awhile

Thank you for joining this Group

Posted by on 10/08/12 16:46

Thank you all to the many people that have joined this group.

game day (friday)

Posted by on 10/05/12 12:01

I will be playing today(Friday) at about 4:00 PM Pacific time. iF YOU WANT to add me. aDD ME now XDXD

New Account

Posted by on 10/05/12 11:58

Hi guys, i just made a new account. My new account is Monk3yCh0w. My aeria name is zachgarcia14(this is my fake name XD)


Posted by on 10/03/12 19:34

does everyone here have AVA?

A AVA game?

Posted by on 10/03/12 19:31

if we have enough people. We should a AVA game together? XD