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IM BACK did u miss me?

Posted by justsmilefriend on 11/18/12 19:33 - Updated on 11/18/12 19:33
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no more banning i am ofishaly (bad at spelling lol) back

    free clan want it?

    Posted by justsmilefriend on 11/27/12 17:49
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    i am "selling" my clan because so far it has crashed and burned first persin to reply gets it unless you COMPLEATLY ignored me p.s. i will kick everyone of u and then leave the clan if no one replys b...

    hi people who love anime look at this

    Posted by thunderbright on 10/29/12 16:35 - Updated on 10/29/12 16:35
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    Dear reader, the group Anime-Lover is looking for more (online) freinds and your leader and i are (online) freinds you could say. We are freindly just as your group leader so come check us out we woul...


    Posted by hiddenmouse on 11/01/12 14:46 - Updated on 11/01/12 14:46
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    beelzebub for life !!!!!!!!!

      a rp

      Posted by justsmilefriend on 09/12/12 23:30 - Updated on 09/12/12 23:30
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      we will vote on a anime if u do not know it do not be a chariter