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Aeria Games got rid of Shin Megami Tensei - Imagine? Well shoot...Seems like I'm not caught up at all. Now I'm going to have to start all over again. How sad...:c My feels! My feels! They have been hu...

game golds sell!!!

Posted by caoren17 on 11/23/11 16:11 - Updated on 11/23/11 16:11
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shaiya: Agora compra 10M=R$3.11, 100M=29.66 . Perfect World: Agora compra moedas no Perfect World temos bonus, Agora compra desde 5kk pra 100kk temos 5% bónus, Agora compra mais de 100kk, temo...

Tunnel Parties Anyone?

Posted by Tenant on 01/16/10 02:09 - Updated on 01/16/10 02:09
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I'm working on getting my lvl 32 MB and my lvl 48 elemental mage up in lvls. Maybe we should all plan tunnel parties sometime soon?


    Posted by Evilbleachman on 04/19/10 13:58 - Updated on 04/19/10 13:58
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    I agree with the title. :D

      Finding me.

      Posted by xSpiffyx on 02/04/10 23:22 - Updated on 02/04/10 23:22
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      Okay, when ever you guys are on. Just add me and I'll help you as much as possible! :D My name is xSpiffx Hope you can find me in one of the channels cause I move around a lot! :D Have fun searchi...

      Internet died..

      Posted by Terin_C on 01/07/10 03:19 - Updated on 01/07/10 03:19
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      Anyway.. the download is at 326 MB as I'm typing this. I can't wait til it's done.. it's taking forever. Ugh..

        Welcome! :D

        Posted by xSpiffyx on 01/07/10 00:00 - Updated on 01/07/10 00:00
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        Welcome to the group! Slip off your shoes and make your selves at home. Nothing really special about this group but yeah :P I just wanted to make it where I and others could meet some new or more expe...