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Anime Thread

Posted by AznMaggot on 04/21/14 09:57 - Updated on 04/21/14 09:57
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    Posted by Chuck_N0rris on 11/20/13 07:54 - Updated on 11/20/13 07:54
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    hello, I'd like to order a large order to you. I am DJ in Brazil, and I am disputing the opportunity to play at a party. and for me to gain this opportunity, I need you guys enjoy my comment on the fo...

    Probably late on this >_<

    Posted by Reindelph on 10/23/13 13:50 - Updated on 10/23/13 13:50
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    So I just finished finished watching eoisode 22 of accel world and something stuck out to me, that wqs tue fact that the device of nerve gear was used before neuro linkers sound familiar? Well Sword a...

    Anyone know some new Anime?

    Posted by XxRyexX on 06/23/13 05:04 - Updated on 06/23/13 05:04
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    I was bored watching old ones, recommend meh something new! C:


      Posted by Reindelph on 06/20/13 21:39 - Updated on 06/20/13 21:39
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      Hello party people!!!! XD I know I haven't posted in a loooong while, but I just wanna ask what do you guys think about the anime released this season :D right now I like majestic prince, suisei no ga...

      important anouncement!!!

      Posted by cdm16 on 06/14/13 00:58 - Updated on 06/14/13 00:58
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      Sorry but im freinds with the clan leader and he was very busy around the time he created this account and never backed up the password and username for his account so if inyone has any problem please...

      hi i'm new

      Posted by edwardrz09 on 04/28/13 04:10 - Updated on 04/28/13 04:10
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      hi i'm new here and i hope to meet new friends

        Hey u all!

        Posted by madman3400 on 04/19/13 14:47 - Updated on 04/19/13 14:47
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        Hi guys ! I'm new and this is my first aeria games group. I love watching anime and gaming. Hope to make new friends and get along with everyone. thanks~

          Join my role playing guild

          Posted by ElvenDarkness on 03/15/13 09:13 - Updated on 03/15/13 09:13
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          have my 4th and last guild. Gladiator_Gods. we will roleplay as gladitors and gods. join at your own will. nobody forcing you.

            Nice to meet everyone

            Posted by kawaiisweetbaby on 03/04/13 16:48 - Updated on 03/04/13 16:48
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            Hey everyone :) it nice to meet you. I am a huge fan of different anime and can't wait to meet new friends and get to know everyone.