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Something i must tsukkomi no matter what

Posted by __Nao_ on Tue Dec 4 01:59:50 2012 - Updated on Tue Dec 4 01:59:50 2012
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recently i when i'm looking for new comedy manga i found a manga with wired name "hana to harinezumi(flower &hedgehog)"so i read it after i finish the chapter 5 it i saw this translator note i must tsukkom no matter what

but it may hurt the translater really deep since it's already spread on the net so i'll just tsukkomi it here where that translator probally won't saw it:

in japan most of the area have free wi-fi so rather then using phone number to send mail (need cash) they chose using e-mail (free) plus using e-mail is better when it come to some1 u don't know very well or ppl that u don't really trust!
please don't post it online withdow thinking,at least cheak wiki if u don't know how it work &what the hell is japanese alphabet!? it's katakana!!!!!!!

~~~~~~~ah,feel better now,ijust can't stand those type that say that their life is pitful/sorrowful yet didn't even try to change it