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Thanks for loyalty for anime.

Posted by on 06/14/13 13:05

Thanks to myasking around my family i have recoverd my profile password, but i have not been on since christmas so if anyone has iny tips or info on what may have change message me all messages are th...


Posted by on 10/23/12 20:57

we all all members of the same group and we need to get more active make freinds i made this group so we could tralk about animemake freinds and chat but i know the guild is not large old or mature en...

Everyone Look If You Want An Active Group THANK YOU!

Posted by on 09/28/12 15:51

I was thinking that the only disscusion you seem to like is the anime ones. there for I dont know what gose on inside you head because you all are special in your own way so i thoughtthat we can leave...