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PokeNews: Tankcar16 is retiring :(

Posted by tankcar16 on 11/07/12 16:59 - Updated on 11/07/12 17:02

Hi everyone! so, i decided to retire cause of:

1. School [its bringing me down]

2. i dont really get to help u answer ur poke questions and stuff

3. i dont go on much...

4. would be better if i find a more active leader.

5. football practice and other after school activitys

6. like to nap :D


So, if anyone wants to be the new leader of this fabulous Group[ILL BE DECREASED TO A MEMBER/OFFICER] , please private message me. :D

Ill pick u if u seem to be Trustworthy, kind , and most important of all , active. U have to know about Pokemon

Answer these questions in your mail:

1.why u wanna be leader [be honest]

2.name 5 legendary pokemon [this is really easy if u know about pokemon , google users]

3.how long are u on?