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Pokemon 6th Generation X and Y!!

Posted by on 01/08/13 19:15

im so excited! the pokemons are gonna be very cool. look it up on youtube and there will be a video.its gonan come out at october!!! there are new starter pokemons.

DevinVT is famous!!!

Posted by on 11/08/12 18:45

Your new leader is picked! its... DevinVT!! Hes fun, active, and blah blah blah...

PokeNews: Tankcar16 is retiring :(

Posted by on 11/07/12 16:59 - Updated on 11/07/12 17:02

Hi everyone! so, i decided to retire cause of: 1. School [its bringing me down] 2. i dont really get to help u answer ur poke questions and stuff 3. i dont go on much... 4. would be better if i fi...

Poke: Our 40th member!

Posted by on 09/04/12 21:37

we got out 40th member for Poke_mon :D We still got far to go tho! These are the following goals we try to reach: -100 members -150 members -200 members -250 members and on and on... plz help us r...

[IMPORTANT] Poke Rules

Posted by on 08/25/12 12:33 - Updated on 08/26/12 21:56

We will have fun but there will be specific rules for this team. 1.No swearing 2.No insulting anyone 3.No spamming 4.Dont post 3 or 4 times in a row. 5. Follow the rules of ToS 6. i want every threa...