private137Group Leader: XsnipergirlXCreated: 08/17/12


Everyone who doesn't hack is welcome. There are 3 rules: 1. Do not share the password with ANYONE outside this group. The reason for this is because we want to keep a track of our members and if non-members keep joining the rooms, we won't be able to see who the hacker is. 2. Do not flame. We're trying to keep it fun, so don't flame everyone. 3. Don't hack. Simple as that. If you want to host a game, create a room called FUBs in channel with people, and put the arranged password. To make sure this group remains private, the password will be visible to members only. *Main purpose: Play in fubs room to avoid laggers/PSF, any member can make rooms with the current password. UGN Client needed* Current FUBs Officer: Topic., jerrrge, omarr_1995, guiowner2 UGN Client is MANDATORY!
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