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Loot Wheel Raffle Event!

Posted by ShineSprites on 08/12/12 12:19 - Updated on 08/12/12 12:24 Event Date: 08/13/12 21:00

Hello Soldiers!

Start:8/10/2012 11PM PDT
END:8/13/2012 11 PM PDT

Aeria is having their Loot Wheel Raffle event! The loot wheel has been updated with durational guns and some functional items!

In this loot wheel, you will have the opportunity to win durational items, and a few PERM items!

What are the perms in this wheel?

Red Tiger M4A1
Engraving FN FAL

What can you get in this loot wheel?

You can get duration items and guns ranging from 1 day to 30 day functional items and guns!

How do I get into this raffle?

Every 10 spin's you spin this week, you will be entered into a raffle that will allow you to pick ANY ITEM that is in the Jackpot! (So the more you spin, the higher chance you have on being picked as the raffle winner!)

How many winners will there be?

There will be 4 Winners picked

1st place: Choice of Perm weapon within the jackpot
2nd place: Choice of ANY 11 try Weapon bomb
3rd place: Choice of ANY 5 try Weapon bomb
4th place: Choice of ANY 1 try Weapon bomb

What is in the Jackpot?

In this Jackpot, there are 3 Perm guns: Engraving FN FAL, Red Tiger M4a1, and Black AK47s. Other thing's in this loot wheel will be various 11 try weapon bombs!

All in all, What do you have to do?

Spin the wheel 10 times, get entered into a raffle, and IF you win the raffle, you pick your item you wish to have that is in the Jackpot

THE MORE YOU SPIN! The higher chance you'll win!