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GSes vs Soldiers

Posted by ShineSprites on 12/28/12 08:05

Celebrate the upcoming new year with the Game sages!

4 games, Gamesages vs Players,

All four games will be held in Channel 3 by the GS's on Friday @ 3:00 PM PST/6:00 PM EST 12/28/12, All of the games will start at the same time simultaneously to reduce lobby waiting.

(Each match type will only be played once)

[Match Type] l Match specifications l Assigned GS/GS's

[Team Battle]All weapons allowed - [GS]DeusExArma , [GS]Cage
[Team Battle]Sniper only - [GS]Vixen, [GS]GwApO.
[Team Battle]Pistols only - [GS]Kiluminati , [GS]FairyGirlx
[Team Battle]Knife only - [GS]Topic., [GS]Valdentia


The losing team gets 5k sp, winning team gets 10k sp
The person who has the highest score at the end of a match gets a 1 piece Xmas AK-74 bomb.

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