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Let's all welcome the new GSes!

Posted by ShineSprites on 12/02/12 00:39

It's that time you have all been waiting for!

Your new Soldier Front Game Sages are:

XsnipergirlX AKA [GS]FairyGirlx

Cage. AKA [GS]Cage

TheInvictus. AKA [GS]Kiluminati

Topic. AKA [GS]Topic.

DeusExArma AKA [GS]DeusExArma

Valdentia AKA [GS]Valdentia

Innovator_ AKA [GS]Innovator

PHsoul.GwApO AKA [GS]GwApO.

ShineSprites AKA [GS]Shine

Quote. AKA (Has not selected a GS name yet)

Please give these new Game Sages a warm welcome and keep all comments constructive and positive!

Oh, and some of these new GSes will not have their forum tags until next week so refer to this post if you have any questions.