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This is random.

Posted by on 06/10/13 23:02

Hello Soldiers, I would like to invite you to join ShineNation. ;) Join today! http://www.aeriagames.com/group/48981/

Soldier front weekly events!!

Posted by on 01/02/13 18:27

Hello soldiers Hello Soldiers, I am back again with the weekly events! All events will be held in channel 12 USA every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday . These events will go on at 2:00PDT or 5:0...

SF Weekly events

Posted by on 12/29/12 11:32

Hello Soldiers, SF Weekly events are coming back starting next week!! Remember this? http://www.aeriagames.com/forums/en/viewtopic.php?t=1659793 Well, it's coming back! ;)

GSes vs Soldiers

Posted by on 12/28/12 08:05

Celebrate the upcoming new year with the Game sages! 4 games, Gamesages vs Players, All four games will be held in Channel 3 by the GS's on Friday @ 3:00 PM PST/6:00 PM EST 12/28/12, All of the ga...

Let's all welcome the new GSes!

Posted by on 12/02/12 00:39

It's that time you have all been waiting for! Your new Soldier Front Game Sages are: XsnipergirlX AKA [GS]FairyGirlx Cage. AKA [GS]Cage TheInvictus. AKA [GS]Kiluminati Topic. AKA [GS]Topic. ...

Memphis's WEEK LONG PERM Play Time

Posted by on 10/16/12 23:04

Start: 10/16/2012 9PM PDT End: 10/21/2012 9PM PDT With the new Horror mode 2 coming, A perm Horror Tar makes sense PLEASE NOTE, AFK in Lobby, In training mode, OR ANYWHERE, WILL NOT RECORD YO...

Special Package Play Time event

Posted by on 10/02/12 14:05


First Aeria Soldier Front Play time event

Posted by on 09/28/12 23:04

Hello, First Aeria SF play time event!! http://www.aeriagames.com/forums/en/viewtopic.php?t=1676895

AP Tournament

Posted by on 09/12/12 18:03

How will this Tournament work: We will give 2-3days for teams to sign up after we have as many teams as we need sign up will be CLOSED! How To Sign Up: Well the sign up is super easy all you have ...

[PM]Memphis's Soldier front official events

Posted by on 09/08/12 06:12

All events will be held in the events channel every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday . These events will go on at 2:00PDT and/or 5:00PDT. [PM]Memphis and/or [GS] will make a password protected even...