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New Tales game revealed!

Posted by on 09/26/09 06:42 - Updated on 09/26/09 07:08

The game is called Tales of Graces.the platform is for Nintendo Wii,it's the 12 mothership title to the tales series. it is said to be released in winter 2009. but on Wikipedia it saids 2009-2010. i'm...

Tales of the Abyss the Animation

Posted by on 09/26/09 06:29 - Updated on 09/26/09 07:05

well the anime came out a long time ago in Japan in 2008. but it's all ready out in American on Blu-Ray. it has 26 episodes in total so it's worth it :) here's a trailer enjoy ^o^

Tales MOVIE!!!!!!

Posted by on 09/25/09 19:20 - Updated on 09/25/09 19:27

oh and just to mention to Tales of Vesperia lovers ^o^ there's a movie to the game it's the prequel. it will come out in theater's in Japan on October 3 ,2009. here's a trailer