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We have a Guild Radio so tune in

Posted by on 09/08/12 17:01 - Updated on 09/06/13 06:44

I made a Guild Radio! So Tune in! Click the Blue Links!!! TRY Click Here First. Click Here First This is the link to download WinAmp media player. WinAmp Media Player How to tune in to YouNoTakeCand...

If you want to help keep the radio up and running Donate

Posted by on 09/10/12 03:59 - Updated on 10/15/12 12:29

To help keep the radio up and running: Donate

Looking For dj's for the radio we have for the guild

Posted by on 09/08/12 19:32

i'm looking for dj's for the guild radio 1.must have a mic! 2 must have skype! 3.must be in the guild! this is for only for YouNoTakeCandle guild members! If you want to Dj mail Nickoma in game!You h...