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Past and the Future

Posted by triti
03/11/13 14:37

On my addiction of Halo i have found great knowledge that could represent possible Time~lines.

The past http://www.goodanime.net/halo-legends-5-halo-legends-5 the second player works for me

The future http://www.goodanime.net/halo-legends-episode-8

You can watch all the episodes if you wish but i must say that i recommend ep 6 other than 5 and 8


Past and the Future

Posted by naruto1377
03/12/13 09:47

halo is awesome

Past and the Future

Posted by triti
03/12/13 10:58

I'k can't wait to see Master Chief face they showed a bit from it in Halo 4 ,hope in Halo 5 will show it

Also can't wait for the Halo Movie that suppose to be released in 2013

Anyway after you watch Halo~Halo2~Halo3~Halo4 cutscenes you will experience a similar felling as after watching 300