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Dolphins: A Hidden Evil

Posted by crissotwo
11/15/12 14:25

Ya I know it’s a bit hard to swallow but what Jester says is true. Dolphins, where a pod of males, will corner a female and force her to mate with them and I shiver to think about this. A dolphin breathes air! The males can take turns and go up for air… Ya I won’t finish the sentence because we all know what will happen if the female don’t get a chance to gasp for air.


It's not like dolphins have any concept of rape being wrong. Its survival of the strongest to reproduce and if the best way of doing that is to force himself on a female then that's likely what he will do.

There are actually lot of species where males 'coerce' females into mating.

In ducks there have been occasions where females have even died from the overzealous attention of the males But like dolphins, that's just their way of breeding. The males that don't manage to get mates and pair off, use their combined strength to go after lone females since this is the only way for them to get a chance to pass on their genes.

Dolphins: A Hidden Evil

Posted by crissotwo
11/15/12 15:04

I agree with you Yuki. Elephant are sweet.

Dolphins: A Hidden Evil

Posted by .Yuki
11/16/12 20:17

ahhhhhhhhhhhh thank you. you understand they are adorable