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Winds of Changes

Posted by triti on 09/20/12 12:21 - Updated on 09/20/12 12:25

The time has yet to come for a new change for our team,im thinking to have a new avatar and as well a new background,and a new song for our team the Theme is "Nature"
The ones that receive the most votes wins Ends in 2 weeks from now on

Post your image into the topic i have made into discussion section
you will have to use [img..][/img] and the direct link of the image to see the resolution for hyperlink use [url..]link[/url]

Usefull sites http://www.desktopnexus.com

Also id like to say on a side note that id like our members to try be a bit more active and to have at least an avatar for them own personal profile because i dont see what i could do with people that dont pay even the lowest interest to get into a discussion yes a high population for a group is nice but id rather have 10 people that i chat with than 100 and id be alone here