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Dear members...

Posted by on 10/28/12 07:32 - Updated on 01/15/13 06:19

Please note that i wish our member have at least an avatar for theyr profiles it should be an easy task to do http://resizepic.com/ A site to resize pics if needed for the 200x200 or under those

Music Change

Posted by on 12/12/12 10:27 - Updated on 12/15/12 17:04

I have changed the group home background music hope you enjoy the new one. It takes around 10 sec to start

When you create a discussions topic please ...

Posted by on 06/03/12 19:45 - Updated on 11/25/12 14:36

when you create a discussions topic please use . (a dot) and after reply to it what you wanted to post because the discussion subject(topic,first post) gets invisible and only after first comment dose...

Winds of Changes

Posted by on 09/20/12 12:21 - Updated on 09/20/12 12:25

The time has yet to come for a new change for our team,im thinking to have a new avatar and as well a new background,and a new song for our team the Theme is "Nature" The ones that receive the most vo...


Posted by on 06/11/12 18:07

We are prob the first group with music on the homepage enjoy

Second Stage

Posted by on 05/02/12 14:58

We have acquired members lets chat


Posted by on 04/27/12 18:06

FirstStage started