private16Clan Leader: JeviokCreated: 03/02/12


A place for Pendulum clan members only. Pendulum is a GunZ gladiator clan that was originally created on March 30th, 2007. Throughout that time it has been home to many great gladiators, including the likes of pioneers such as iDark, Cerb3rus and Runako among others. For five years Pendulum strictly enforced no flips, 15 dmg weapons and low ap; helping to spread those ethics throughout the community.This was done to help improve the skill of members, a way to stay in top form, and it works. Now in 2012, low equips and no flips are standard for competitive play. It's a clan dedicated toward improving, regular training events are held and all members are willing to help each other. While Pendulum is mainly for experienced gladiators, it also recruits people who are willing to learn. Overall, it serves to let gladiators do what they love.
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