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Soul Eater

Posted by Digma_k on 02/25/12 11:41 - Updated on 02/25/12 11:41
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Welcome to Death Weapon Miester Academy more commonly known as the DWMA. It stands as a defense against the forces of evil which would plunge the world into chaos and drag humanity to the very depths ...

Super Hero

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It's a bird... Its a plane.... It's a of bunch roleplayers pretending to be superheros!

    Medival Fantasy RP

    Posted by fazzy123 on 06/27/12 02:05 - Updated on 06/27/12 02:05
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    In the land of Illyria something is happening.Something evil,demons have been randomly spawning everywhere.No one has found out the source of it.Many believe it is Melzar the Mad,an evil wizard locked...


    Posted by wolfplayer93 on 02/15/12 19:04 - Updated on 02/15/12 19:04
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    Here you will post a new character or if you want to describe a enemy. You can tell what kind of abilities he has or if it will be a spoiler for you u don't have to just post who he is and what he loo...

    Number 1

    Posted by wolfplayer93 on 02/23/12 15:20 - Updated on 02/23/12 15:20
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    We are at the top quicker than i expected. We have shown and proven we are better how does every one feel.


      Posted by Digma_k on 04/10/12 03:07 - Updated on 04/10/12 03:07
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      Alrighty............... Time for the Gundam RP. We are going with the Gundam 00 Universe but you can bring in any Gundam from any of the shows and if you want you can even make your own.

        Zombie City

        Posted by wolfplayer93 on 02/19/12 15:51 - Updated on 02/19/12 15:51
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        In a city with a out brake of Zombies the government closed it off and caged them in. Ignoring the survivors that are still trapped in the city. It is constant fight for survival behind the giant wall...

        RP Queue

        Posted by Digma_k on 02/26/12 11:08 - Updated on 02/26/12 11:08
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        Here we are in the RP Queue. Please no actual discussions only for listing RPs to play

          Zombies! "Rescue or Rebuild?"

          Posted by Digma_k on 04/04/12 15:02 - Updated on 04/04/12 15:02
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          This will just be hidden after the first post... unless the change it on us. In which case.... read the first post for the info.

            Soul Eater Bio's

            Posted by Digma_k on 02/25/12 11:44 - Updated on 02/25/12 11:44
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            This is for Characters in the Soul Eater RP