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Second Group

Posted by on 06/11/12 22:42

We are now the Second group to have Music when entering our group


Posted by on 04/12/12 14:00

Time for a reboot of an old favorite Zombie city. Come back to Okinawa to fight for life and escape with new or old characters. To those new to roleplay: Come on in. Introduce yourself. We will help...


Posted by on 04/10/12 03:14

TIME FOR A NEW RP! The RP "Gundam" is up and ready for Roleplayers! Don't forget we have 3 RP's up at a time the other ones are Soul Eater and Zombies!! "Rescue or Rebuild?"

RP queue

Posted by on 02/22/12 16:10

An RP queue will be made for RP ideas that are accepted. Only 3 RPs will be active at one time and the queue is for those that are accepted while 3 are already active. That is all.