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No more posting for me

Posted by on 08/14/13 01:05

ok guys me and my sister made another vocaloid group named Vocaloid_Music. Since the group leader hasnt returned i have been posting for the last few weeks, so im ganna stop posting anncouncements on ...

Megurine Luka

Posted by on 08/06/13 16:56

Here are a bunch of songs with Megurine Luka as the vocals, enjoy~ (corruption garden is pretty old but i thought i'd share to those who hvnt seen it yet cuz its really good) =) btw message me if you...

Album: Tiny PaRadisE

Posted by on 06/30/13 17:38

I loved the second track of this album. Vocals: Yuzuki Yukari & Kaai Yuki Tracks: 1. Snow Flake 2. Une éstrangere (Phasmas remix) 3. Behind My Daisy (beatless version) 4. PNDR (Lemm remix) 5...

Kous and Ef

Posted by on 06/23/13 14:41

The first video isnt vocaloid but Kous does make songs featuring vocaloids. His music is really good, this is one of his albums. The singer featured is known as Ef. The second video【初音ミクAppe...

5 songs

Posted by on 06/16/13 06:31

1.Plus Yuyoyuppe Remix 2.Haruame Yuyoyuppe Remix 3.贖罪(Atonement) 4.昨日の食事(Diet yesterday) 5.僕が見た夢(Dream that I have seen)


Posted by on 06/13/13 14:33

Album- VOCALOUD 00

Posted by on 06/08/13 12:26

Vocaloud is a term tagged to Loud Rock Music. This is the crossfade for the album VOCALOUD 00 from Nico Nico Douga. Hope you enjoy if you like the genre.


Posted by on 06/06/13 18:18

Im a fan of AVTechNo!, his works are just amazing to me. This is a crossfade PV for the album EXLIUM, the collaberation unit of the artists AVTechNo! and Dog tails. You can listen to the whole album o...