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Angel Beats.

Posted by Blazing_15
09/09/12 21:40

I re-watched it 3 times & i cried every single time its trully an awsome anime.

Angel Beats.

Posted by MuniT_04774
09/16/12 18:27

watch Clannad

Angel Beats.

Posted by x_scarlet
09/17/12 16:36

Its cool : )

Angel Beats.

Posted by katmichi
10/30/12 16:43

I love that anime! Like Blazing_15, I've cried watching it. :3

Angel Beats.

Posted by ForsakenNyx
11/02/12 05:18

I have watched tons of sad anime. I got to say all of them are at the same level. Watch Clannad, Little Busters is a good one to watch (new), Anohana:The Flowers We Saw That Day, or H20:Footprints in the sand.

Angel Beats.

Posted by quietsoul1
11/04/12 00:17

It was fairy tale, it begun and it ended but it told a story, that made you laugh, and cry and it had good and bad, but its a story that you can never forget.

opening: "my soul your breats" by lia

" thousand enemies"by Girls dead monster

"my song" by Girls Dead Monster